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Hogg Palace Lofts in Downtown Houston, TX

Right at the edge of downtown Houston’s vibrant Market Square area sits the Hogg Palace Lofts. It was originally an office building, erected in 1921 by River Oaks developer William C. Hogg. He named Hogg Palace after himself and when it was converted from an office building into a residential building, the name was kept. Hogg Palace Lofts stands eight stories, with a built-in parking garage and gymnasium located inside. The units at Hogg Palace are dressed in gorgeous hardwoods, with huge picture windows which enjoy fantastic downtown views. Some of the units at Hogg Palace Lofts are graced with huge balconies over-looking downtown Houston’s unique skyline. Make Hogg Palace your new home today!

Year Built: 1995
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Tel: 713-561-5257