How It Works

How Online Apartment Locating Works

How Does Work?

When you use our site or work with our ninjas to find a new Texas apartment, the property pays us commission provided you write “” as your referral source on the application when signing a lease.

We take $150 of the commission received from the property and offer it back to you as a way of saying thanks as well as to help you remember to list on the application as your reference when it comes time to sign a lease. (See our Rebate Policy for specific requirements).

We are fully compensated for our services by the Multifamily Housing Industry therefore we are able to assist consumers without the need to charge a fee. Due to the number of communities we work with and high volume of leases we manage each month, is able to offer clients one of the highest rebate amounts of anyone.

We are able through constant market research to obtain and know the best specials being offered in each market. So, with you get the best deals being offered from the apartment community as well as one of the most generous rebates in the industry.