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Built in 2003, these Houston Memorial Heights apartments are located at the intersection of Studemont (Montrose) and Washington Avenue. Situated in one of Houston’s most prestigious neighborhoods, Memorial Heights/Washington Avenue Area, the rates at Windsor at Siena (The Siena) remain the most competitive out of all other Houston Memorial Heights apartments. Amli is next door to Siena and not as nice by far, but more expensive for some reason. So, there you have it, Windsor at Siena apartments in Memorial Heights is one of the most luxurious communities in the area, and one of the cheapest. I lived at Siena in 2008 and I honestly have nothing bad to say about this community, only good things. These Houston Memorial Heights apartments is the only apartment I have ever lived where I didn’t feel like I was getting nickeled & dimed (ripped off) to death by management or that I was paying too much for rent. You get door-to-door trash pickup, big time security, and the utmost respect by staff. The leasing staff and maintanence team working for Windsor at Siena apartments in Houston, TX is amazing. The grounds are always super clean. If you stop by the leasing office to view the property, ask for Lisa Seaman, she’s very helpful and will show you around.

Year Built: 2003
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Tel: 713-561-5257